Strategic Direction


To advance the cause of justice in hearing and deciding, as the final arbiter, legal questions of fundamental importance.

Mission Statement

The Supreme Court of Canada is Canada's final court of appeal. It serves Canadians by deciding legal issues of public importance, thereby contributing to the development of all branches of law applicable within Canada.

The Court is committed to:

  • the rule of law;
  • independence and impartiality; and
  • access to justice.

The Office of the Registrar supports the Court by:

  • providing responsive administrative services;
  • nurturing the dedication, pride and professionalism of its employees;
  • respecting diversity and linguistic duality; and
  • collaborating with other courts and legal institutions.


The Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada is recognized as a leader in court administration.

Strategic Objectives

  • To ensure the independence of the Court as an institution within a framework of sound public administration.
  • To continuously improve access to the Court and its services.
  • To ensure that hearings can be held and decisions rendered promptly.
  • To provide the timely and accurate information the Court needs to fulfill its mandate.